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Pierre-Auguste Renoir's The Two Sisters overprinted with It Could be Love at First Sight for Tacoma Art Museum's Giving Tuesday, 2012.

ROMANTIC. I love warm days at the beach with a Jane Austen novel, my sister, and my Siamese cat. More about me...

Joseph Park's Chess overprinted with Checkmate It's Your Move for Tacoma Art Museum's Giving Tuesday, 2012.

STRATEGIC. I love the Seattle Sounders, Tacoma's Frisco Freeze burgers, and my pet iguana named Romeo. More about me...

Paul Marino's Two Masks: Courage and Anonmity overprinted with I'll Break the Rules, But Not Your Heart for Tacoma Art Museum's Giving Tuesday, 2012.

REBELLIOUS. I love putting on some Johnny Cash, flash broiling a T-bone steak, and hanging political posters on public property for your love. More about me...

William Ivey's Blues and Whites overprinted with Let's Make our Dreams Come True for Tacoma Art Museum's Giving Tuesday, 2012.

SOPHISTICATED. I love sailing, learning to roll sushi, or shopping for a hat for the Boardwalk Empire season finale party. More about me...

William Givler's Window Washers for Tacoma Art Museum's Giving Tuesday, 2012.

INDUSTRIOUS. Let's take the motorcycles to the rocks for some rappelling. I'll pack the sandwiches and six packs. More about me...

Scott Fife's Leroy The Big Pup with On the Hunt for Puppy Love for Tacoma Art Museum's Giving Tuesday, 2012.

PLAYFUL. I love food truck rallies and my dodgeball team is going to nationals. More about me...

Kenneth Callahan's Cascades overprinted with Ain't No Mountain High Enough for Tacoma Art Museum's Giving Tuesday, 2012.

ADVENTUROUS. I'm almost done knitting socks for my annual hike to Camp Muir. I'll protect you from the mountain goats. More about me...

Mary Lee Hu's Neckpiece #19 overprinted with Sending Out Feelers in Search of My Custom Fit for Tacoma Art Museum's Giving Tuesday, 2012.

CREATIVE. I love long runs on sunny days and ending the evening with a bottle of wine in front of a roaring fire. More about me...

Artwork credits, top to bottom:

Pierre-Auguste Renoir (France, 1841–1919), Heads of Two Young Girls [Têtes de deux jeunes filles] also known as The Two Sisters [Les Deux Sœurs], 1890. Oil on canvas, 12.75 × 16.25 inches. Tacoma Art Museum, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. W. Hilding Lindberg.

Joseph Park, Chess, 2001. Oil on canvas, 20 x 24.125 inches. Tacoma Art Museum, Gift of David Lewis in honor of Clinton Williams, Donald Williams, Eileen Lewis, and Jane Ramm.

Paul Marioni, Two Masks: Courage and Anonymity, 2001. Glass, enamel, image: 25.5 x 23 inches, vessel: 19 x 8 x 8.25 inches. Tacoma Art Museum, Museum purchase with funds from Jon and Mary Shirley, Cathy and Michael Casteel, Henry T. Schatz, Susan Russell Hall and Dr. Dale G. Hall, Corinne Dixon, Mark and Nancy Haley, Meri Arnett Kremian, and Paul I. Gingrich, Jr.

William Ivey, Blues and Whites, 1976. Oil on canvas, image: 61 x 61 inches. Tacoma Art Museum, Gift of the Aloha Club.

William Givler, Window Washers, 1935. Oil on canvas, image: 27 x 37 inches. Tacoma Art Museum, Gift of Safeco Insurance, a member of the Liberty Mutual Group, and Washington Art Consortium, to Whatcom Museum and Tacoma Art Museum.

Scott Fife, Leroy, The Big Pup, 2004. Archival cardboard, glue, and drywall screws, 118 x 54 x 140 inches. Tacoma Art Museum, Acquired with a major contribution from Theodore M. Wight in honor of Minot Rhys Tomala and Madeline Patricia Tomala Wight; and a major contribution from Virginia Davis Wight in honor of her great grandchildren Minot Rhys Tomala, Madeline Patricia Tomala Wight, Sidney Jordan Evans, Lachlan Hewitt Barnes, Anika Holly Wight, Colby Davis McArthur, Hollis Parks McArthur, and Cassidy Brooke McArthur. Additional donations received from John and Shari Behnke; Corinne Dixon; Gail Elliott in honor of Scooter, Lucy, Rudy, Odie, Sweetie, and Kirin; Paul I. Gingrich, Jr.; Tana Givens and Abby Givens; Esther M. Grant and Kristine Grant McLean; The Griffin Family; Todd Heistuman and Susan H. Lambert; Joanne Holderman in honor of Lauren and Grace Holderman; Ann and Robert Lockwood in honor of Robert William and Elizabeth Lockwood; Dan and Pat Nelson; Gary N. Owen; Stephanie A. Stebich in honor of her grandmother Lili Cummings; Bill and Bobby Street in honor of Anna for her love of dogs; Jim and Ann Wiborg; and Leroy's Buddies.

Kenneth Callahan, Cascades, late 1930s. Gouache on paper, 21 x 31.125 inches. Gift of the Aloha Club.

Mary Lee Hu, Neckpiece #19, circa 1975. Fine and sterling silver, overall: 11.25 x 6.5 x 0.5 inches. Tacoma Art Museum, Gift of Flora Book.

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